This man stomps on bells, kicks a bunch of drums, sings and plays harp like crazy... all at the same time. His video, "Crossroads Blues" is the pride and Joy of this studio.
Adam Gussow

The North Mississippi Kairos Band was founded during a Kairos walk in Parchman penitentiary in 2010. The album is a living tribute to the ministry there at Parchman.
The North Mississippi Kairos Band

David is a fantastic singer-guitarist, evangelist, and worship leader. He is presently recording a series of demos here at The Tone Room, searching for a new record.
David Ashley

On their impressive debut album, Mississippi-born and -bred Steve Thompson and Bryan Ward fuse the best elements of Magnolia State groove to horn-infused Memphis and Macon rock 'n' soul, the better to carry the message of carefully crafted lyrics gracefully balancing the playful and the provocative. Both being men of deep faith and unconditional love of family and friends, Thompson and Ward recognize that actions have consequences, so their narratives typically acknowledge this immutable fact.

Give a shout out to The Tone Room’s newest featured artist, Tara Nolan Priest!! She has a new song/video out, as well as having her debut album, Tara Priest featured here as well. Check out Tara’s soulful cover of Rihanna’s ‘Cali King Bed’ and buy it today!!
Tara Nolan Priest

Originally from Maryland, Bryan was a co-founder of the somewhat infamous Bonepony in 1991. He is the Ward in Thompson Ward. Our resident evangelist-man of many hats.
Bryan W. Ward

Bobby Rush spent six months with us in 2010 recording his album Blind Snake. Most recently Bobby and Bryan spent a day in Jackson, MS filming a couple really cool videos. They are soon to be released.
Bobby Rush